Is MBoards Legit?

I texted the nuber given in his website, a few days ago, and still have not gotten a response.

I received a package from him today, so he’s clearly shipping, but I think the text line may be broken or something

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I can’t speak for those that have had bad experiences; sorry to hear. And I can’t speak for Mike at MBoards. However, after meeting him for the first time last month, here is what I can say whether it matters to you or not.

Mike is young for a business man/entrepreneur. He has a noticable spark and drive for the esk8 industry. Like many vendors in the US he does purchase some things wholesale from a wholesaler or manufacturer. With that said, many of these one man shows do have delays and/or need to adjust there business model for the future. However there learning experience does involve real life people and there money.

Over all, I feel from the owner of MBoards that he is learning the business. Everyone started somewhere and for sure he is also starting. I hope he pushes through and becomes a vet vendor.


yea but the consumer should be penalized for someone’s lack of business acumen.

i watched this kid make a video about making his first board then opening up shop moments later. it’s another example of someone thinking they’re a seasoned builder far before they’re ready.


I don’t disagree with you. Before coming to market, it is extremely important to have your house in order. Any haste and the consumer gets the short end of the stick. With the growth of esk8 in the last couple years vendors and board companies are popping up like weeds. And, there is a lot of cross over between skateboarders and YouTube personalities that want to be the esk8 parts vendor or board manufacturer. I know there’s actually a pretty awesome thread for those that want to know who’s who in the vendor space.

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this one?

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I had to get PayPal involved then he apparently spoke with them and has shipped out my bms. But still after 15 or 20 messages (email and text) he just ignores you. I could have gotten faster and better service from china. But I like a lot of other people chose his store based off his word and videos. That mistake will not happen again. Slot of this would be understandable if he would just communicate and let us know what’s going on. By the way may 16th I paid for 2 day priority shipping for a esc. Nothing no excuse no apologies nothing. Never again.


That’s the one (I tried looking for it and couldn’t find it)! Thanks for sharing, in case anyone needed it. But, yeah, when it comes to vendors, so far the ones mentioned and the opinions shared seem to be aligned with my experience as well.

I had similar experience, paid a little extra for fast delivery and better quality checks etc but it took nearly a month to get my order, and shipped the day after I asked to cancel the order. I also had some technical issues and got very poor response. Overall I’d say Mboards sucks, they are expensive for what it is, you could get it cheaper from China, there is no quality checking etc. Really poor and unresponsive.

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I told Mike about the thread and the questions asked, as a comment on his youtube channel. Take what you get from this


I hope i don’t sound like a dick.


You don’t he does.

His site is just reselling chinese shit whats special about that and still doesn’t want to help his customers


Wow! Just wow!

That response is like a child sticking their finger in the ear and go “LaLaLaLaLa…I can’t hear you! LaLaLaLa”

Many of us understand that these small Esk8 businesses uses our money to achieve minimum orders required by Chinese factories/manufacturers. In the end we get a lower price and they get a small profit. It’s like a mini Kickstarter with our awesome successful group buys.

His response is pure verbal (finger) diarrhea. If you don’t respond to complaints and questions on the forum and then tell people that you don’t care, how is anyone supposed to stand by you even if you finally figure how how to properly run a business with ready to ship inventory?!


What @Mikenopolis said :cry:

It’s sad as this can give the DIY scene a bad rep to people who aren’t on the forum.


The owner seems way over his head.

It also seems to be an indicator of a larger problem of people trying to “cash in” on the diy community so to speak, to make a quick buck on newcomers looking to build their first board. This isn’t a cheap hobby, the average build is like what? $800+? So people are ready to spend their money and we get “businesses” reselling chinese parts with markup for profit.

The most blatant example of this are motors, which are all chinese made and ordered wholesale by resellers with a logo added. While I appreciate/respect all the reputable vendors on here who also sell their own products(enclosures, batteries, mounts, etc.), I think the forum as a whole can do a better job of alerting people of cheaper options that aren’t necessarily shittier in quality, but just takes longer to ship straight from the source.

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I want to make it very clear that I am not mad about him being in the community, and I am not mad about him kind of being a jerk. I’m pissed because of how he sells ordinary parts, from other stores, with a massive markup, and without giving much credit to the original seller. Some examples are his ESCs (diyeboard, hobbyking), decks (skateshred), risers (skateshred), hardware (skateshred), enclosures (diyeboard, except for one), wheels (kegels, flywheels, MBS) , BMS’s, grip tape (skateshred), skate tools (skateshred), and some batteries and connectors (hobbyking). I am also pissed because as a new buyer, you see this website, and you might actually buy stuff, which can lead to people thinking esk8 is more expensive then it is, and being deterred from building, or just make people spend more than they need to. He also appears to have a pattern of bad communication, and kind of disappearing. Long story short, he isn’t anything special, so just buy from the original sources, and save money

Edit: This isn’t about a few misplaced orders anymore. It is about the greater community

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He doesn’t have time to deal with what mere mortals think about his operation. He’s so far out there among the YouTube stars.


I wish I had of read this thread earlier 12 days gone by and nothing posted… no reply to emails…


chargeback or PayPal dispute it

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the “Kid” is like 19, working at his dad’s office. Definitely doesn’t have the maturity or discipline to run a business yet.

I’m whiling to help kids to grow. He will (hopefully) learn from his mistakes.

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