Is motor position Correct?

Hi everyone, this is my first build. Alien motor 50 with 6s. I used a duster board and purple kegel wheels. Waiting for the enclosure.

I am writing here because I have the feeling that something is wrong, but I am not sure what.

I tried to install the motor on the internal side of the skate first (Rear wheels) and after at the very end of the skate (like you see in the photo).

In both case, when I drive I get lots of stuff under the motor and as you can see is full of scratch after just 30minutes drive.

Seems that there is only 1cm between the motor and the road. Is this expected? Any other suggestions how I can improve?

Thanks Luca

Horrible angle to see the motor clearance. Put it on the ground (our countertop or table) and take a pic from the side.

But no, it doesn’t look right. It should be as close to the bottom of the deck without touching as you turn fully both directions - usually a finger width suffices for me unless super loose trucks.

Wh do you have it mounted behind the truck instead of in front?

You’re kicking up a lot of rocks/sand/gravel and it’s hitting your motors. This is pretty normal but you can angle your motor a little higher to try to avoid this. I find that keep the motors in between the wheels instead of behind the rear wheels does a better job of keep them in good condition.

There is no specific reason for mounting it there, I just tried to see if it changes anything but it didn’t… Before It was in front of the rear wheel.

I will add a better photo tonight when I am at home!

You should have the motor towards the center with caliber trucks. I get about 25mm clearance

Not the best picture to judge the clearance but it looks too low, give it a greater angle closer a 1/4 or 1/2 truck risers

I would recommend it in front of the truck. Mainly to be able to use your kick tail! And it will avoid a lot more debris being thrown at it by the wheels like @Jinra mentioned.

I would adjust it so it’s about 10mm from touching the bottom of the deck. Don’t tighten it fully - and get on and see if turning fully one side to the other - does it touch? If not i might move it closer until it does touch just at the hardest lean - then move it back a smidge. As tight as you can have it to the deck the better IMO.

It does look like a short wheelbase setup - but you can definitely fit it with the ESC moved forward a little to get the motor in front of the truck.


i’ve tried with the mount inward and outboard but with the some angle risers I get better clearance outboard. Its a pintail with 6374, angle the motor up so there is about 3-4 mm between the motor can and baseplate nub thing.

but with a kicktail i would mount inward…

loosen motor mount rotate the mount until the motor higher off the ground but not touching the deck at full lean. re-tighten profit.

oh with the motor placed there, the instant you try and use your kicktail you’ll ruin your motor and motor mount. fyi.

Thank you for your help. I mounted it on the inside, here are pics:

Much better!!


thats looks much better! how do you like those purple kegels? i’ve been wanting them for a lightweight build but 83a seems a bit stiff.

Let me know if you’re interested I have a set with dual pulleys for sale :slight_smile: I feel like they’re softer than some other wheels rated 80A

Great fix on reverse mount back to inbound. Looks nice and tight against the deck underside, so awesome!

Saul: I like the them but to be fair they are the only skateboard wheels I have ever tried on a electric skateboard… Cannot really compare with anything else.