Is my battery dead ? Can I revive it ? Cells only have 10 cycles

This is certainly a @Namasaki question. good luck!

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I better do each P and see afterwards I definitely don’t want to unweld and spot weld everything again. I hope I have no dead cells on the pack. But from what I’ve seen none are dead. I already charged the first P to 3,7 volts without issue I LL keep doing that to each P tomorrow

If for nothing demanding, like just charging batteries, you can buy whatever bench power supply you find as long as it has 60V/5A output or two 30V outputs which can you connect in series and obviously full control of voltage and current. Preferably switching one which won’t be heavy like traditional linear one.

I’m currently using MCH-K305D and Agilent E3647A.

damaged cells dont show unless you test em, damaged cells could be one cell damaged draining the p group slowly.

Do you have a treadmill, if so attach it to some sort of build, run it on a treadmill for about half an hour, and you’ll be good to go

No no no no! So many bad ideas recommend in this thread.

The ONLY way you can do this safely and with control is with a bench power supply, charging each P group individually.

If you don’t have one, get one. This is definitely not the last time you’ll use it.


Yup. i’ve done this before, setting the charger to nimh/nicad, charging the lithium pack for a 5-10 seconds to get voltage just high enough for the charger to detect, once detected, switch to lithium mode and charge as normal.

I’ve reached 3,28v with this technique but I still get the low voltage error from the charger, weird

This would be a very good time to invest in a Lab Power supply. And as @TowerCrisis suggested, it will come in very handy more than once. I got one and it is all I use for maintenance, testing and even daily charging. Once you’ve used a Lab supply, you’ll never want to use a brick charger again except for portable charing. If you don’t want to go all out, you can save some money with a 60v 3a supply.


Well except for lipos, cell balancing via the charger

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Let me clarify, I meant on any system with a bms.

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You could use a single P usb powered charger, it’s what I use a is really safe

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Bought it, paid 50 $ in shipping but it’ll be worth it !


It’s possible but I would advise against it, as you have no control over the current.


Yeah, I have revived slowly discharged cells too. Just connect them to hobby charger(with nimh mode) and charge at a low current like 100mA/cell, until a parallel group reaches 3.1V or so, then charge on a regular li-ion charge.

I have a hobbyking charger that does the job

I have done exactly that but even after reaching 3.1 v I dunno why the lipo charger still says low voltage error. I will check again this morning

Go higher then.

Which antispark?

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True, you can’t control it - at least not found one yet you can.

But for someone who is lacking equipment it’s really cheap and feels pretty safe if you monitor it closely


Push to start antispark from @Martinsp couldn’t even use the push to start function he sent me some faulty units still waiting for an answer from him since both I bought are useless

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