Is my diyeboard motor broken?

One of my motors are making an abnormal sound. Think something is loose inside, but does not have the tools/knowledge to open it up.


If anyone has advice on how to fix or recommendations for a replacementset of motors, I would be very grateful for a reply!

Sounds like one of your bearings is going kapoot. Depending on the motor, it should take an allen wrench to take apart.

When I wiggle the the motor, sounds like the shaft is loose (Its kind of hard to explain). The motor has been dropped onto the floor once from about half a meter, I fear something came loose but I am unsure.

Either the bearing or a magnet has come loose. either way an appropriate allen wrench will surely help in removing the can to make sure.

You could easily replace it with any motor you see fit and keep riding. Or you could venture into motor building and open it up and take a crack at it.

Or you can just take this as a sign to upgrade both motors. Lots of good deals this week.

Any ideas on motors that will work/not cause issues with the diyeboard esc?

Get an good VESC too. Iā€™m surprised the diyeboard ESC has out lasted the motors tbh.

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He wont be able to use it unless he gets a vesc.

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woops :o

its the sensors right? :thinking:

e: diyeboard esc is a mystery to me

No. Its the fact of the esc he has are programed for a certain motor.

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ah ok. my bad

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Get a vesc from torqueboards May not be the best but they are better than other cheap vesc. Never buy from diyeboards the are criminals they are not to be confused with diyelectricskateboards they are reputable people.


A friend and I started this hobby with diyeboard setups. Bmboth of ys went through about 3 escs each in 7 months and gave up and got some vescs. Best thing we ever did. Long story short - you get what you pay for.