Is my eboard going to work? Help!

! Hello I drew a diagram please help me out and verify that it’s going to work. I’m planning to have a 12s4p battery and have the discharging bypass the bms. Also if somebody have a bms they have in mind that I can you please tell me, not too expensive one thought. It dosen’t have to have a high amp rating because I’m bypassing it, thank you.

Appears correct

Where is the fuse ?

I don’t no anything about the fuse, where would I connect it too? Do you know any fuses that will work for my board? thanks appreciate it.

What’s a fuse for?

Make sure your volt meter is after your xt 90 antispark, otherwise it will always be on.

Voltmeter location’s seems fine. Current will only flow in it when xt90-s is plugged in his diagram, @Sender No ?

Nope xt90 cuts only one wire so it will be always on.

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My bad, I didn’t see one of the small line on my phone. Forget what I said ,sorry.

I would put the antispark on my positive though.

thank you .

what do you guys think of this bms?

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can someone explain to me where or why there is no negative lead on this 12s bms?/ connector

b- is negative from battery, p- is negative going from the bms to the charge port