Is my Nano x lipo okay?

So after my accident a couple of days ago I’m now checking over everything for damage, my controller hit the deck quite hard and I’m just asking you guys to verify if the lipo inside is still safe to use imageimageimage I never saw it before the accident so I don’t have anything to compare to P.s. I am aware the ptm switch at the bottom is ruined :wink: Thanks guys

Is it puffy, IE when you squeeze it does it depress? If so, then no, it probably isn’t OK. It should be very cheap to replace however.

No when I squeeze it, it is solid, I was just concerned as I didn’t know if it look abnormal or not

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Small lipo battery is usually like that. It’s not puff


It is completely fine :slight_smile:

Only issue now is that I cant get the controller to bind, the charging port has come off and one of the PTM switches has come off, alongside the casing being in bad condition, think it may just be time for a new nano-x

Do you have any experience with a soldering iron? If so most of what you describe is easily fixable.

If you dont have any experience ask around to see if someone can fix it… this would save you quite a bit of money :wink:

I can solder pretty well but don’t have anything small enough to do the pins on the USB port, if anyone else could fix it, that would be amazing

On the Nano x I’m using I use gator clips on the PCB +and- to charge.

I don’t suppose you have a picture do you?

Maybe. I’ll check. You can follow plus and minus to the board.

No picture. But I can get one when I get home.

I had my cousin break the bottom of my Nano x so I’ll probably run a direct plug out from where the USB port is so I can quit opening the case when I want to charge it…

But then you need a hobby charger…

That’s be helpful if you could, I had a closer look at the board and it has ripped off a track but that shouldn’t be a problem as there are three tracks grouped together (I think) and I could use another track, but not sure what to do with that, might rig together some kind of frankenstein charging system. Although after I have to try and figure out why it’s not pairing :confused:

if you cant fix the usb port, consider buying a new usb lipo charger like this: take off the usb port and solder on wire to fit the original micro usb spot.

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Thanks man I’ll probably end up going with this :slight_smile:

Make sure it fits first!

Yeah I might have to cut a little hole for it to stick out of :smile: I’ll figure it out I hope

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Not to hijack this thread, but where is a good place to get reliable replacement batteries for these?

Yesterday on a fairly short ride the remote battery died, which it shouldn’t have, but I also learned a very important lesson - when the remote battery dies weird things happen.

I was riding slowly (fortunately) and suddenly the board went into almost full brake. I thought, “that’s odd” and went back to neutral and then a little bit forward on the throttle and . . . the board shot out from under me full power. I landed on my hip and elbow. Both sore, no bleeding.

So the lesson is, if something is acting weird, get off the board before you investigate :slight_smile: