Is my remote broken, or am i doing something wrong?

I am so close I can taste it. Everything seems to be working physically but I can’t seem to be able to see PPM levels of my remote through the VESC tool. Any ideas?

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Right off the bat (I haven’t finished the video yet), but you need to have your ppm plugged into channel 1.

Also. Always read configuration before changing any settings.

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Yo…Why does your remote stay connected after turning it off? I have to restart my whole board to repair. Try Editing it in the Input setup wizard again.

EDIT : ↑ what @SeanHacker said. Plug it into the bottom channel (iirc)

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I’ll try channel one again tonight

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If you get stuck. Let me know. I can team viewer in to help you out if you need. Probably not necessary. But whenever you start the vesc-tool, make sure to always read configuration prior to changing anything.


Also. Remember the the nano series remotes need to be calibrated every time before you power on the board. So… turn on the remote, move throttle up and down fully, then turn on the board. This isn’t your issue. But most don’t know about this.


i had this exact problem a long time ago. the issue was one of the usb plugs on a dual flipsky vesc6 was faulty. it wouldnt relay info correctly. It makes no sense, but when i switched to the other micro usb it worked fine. I sent it to flipsky and they sent a replacement. I dont know how old yours is, but a few months back the fixed the issue of the easily broken usb’s

Alright I have it working on one side of the vesc by using CH1, thank you!. However if I connect through the other VESC and do the exact same thing it still shows null on the PPM input. Any other secrets you can share?

So your hooked up through canbus right? Or are you using split ppm?

Currently having the exact same issue on my Vesc 6, drives me nuts… :S #Following

I think I just messed up all the settings. A new VESC tool version came out and I reflashed the firmware and set everything up from scratch.

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Definitely looks like belt tension. The belt it probably a bit tighter than the other. You can loosen the belt that doesn’t spin as long and it should match up or pretty close to matching up. Glad you got it going.