Is my upgrade idea even possible?

Good morning esk8 builders :slight_smile:

I’ve been having a cool idea on a upgrade for my build and have some questions if this is actually possible.

I’ve got dual focboxes as vescs and noticed both vescs can output power to external devices. Now what really seemed like a cool idea is to integrate a smart speaker (Google home, alexa) in to my build and receive power from the vesc. This way I could just turn on my Hotspot on my phone and use all of the smart speaker functionality.

However is this in any way possible? Or can’t the vesc deliver sufficient power to such speaker for example? Any input is welcome! :innocent:


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probably the vescs couldn’t handle it but you could put a step down converter directly on the battery and power wherever you want


Vesc doesn’t have enough out put to power a speaker. It’s ment to power small accessories like a blue tooth module.

Thanks for the input! That’s about what I expected.

If I’d like to make this possible as an external system, what components would I need to make this work? So the speaker would have it’s own separate battery source. The only nice thing to combine this is that the speaker would turn on together with my power switch. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

All you would really need is a buck converter to convert to whatever voltage you need, and then wire that after your switch so that the switch will also power the converter. Thats it :slight_smile:

Idk which voltage your speakers need, but you can get something like this if it’s below 15V

Input goes to the batty direct, output you can link via your receiver of your remote and switch it on via ch3 or what ever your remote support.

On special…The board measures 9" x 41.25" Works with any Bluetooth-enabled smart device compatible with any USB charger. A 50mm driver and passive radiator so riders can feel bass under their feet.

All the bits you need…

i use one of these in parallel with my vesc to charge remotes and phones etc. could also be used for a speaker idk why not?

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