Is my VESC toast? ABS Over current

Edit: Caused by a poor bullet connector solder. Beneath the shrink wrap, one of the bullet connectors attached to the vesc must have become disconnected or had a poor connection. Eventually i pulled it off completely which revealed the issue

My vesc cannot do FOC or BDLC Motor detection. I have a 12S5P 30Q Battery with a 80A BMS Inside from I cannot see any physical signs on the PCB that would indicate things have gone wrong, when comparing the VESC to a working 6.6 I have.

Vesc settings: MOTOR:

With no other vesc plugged in, motor detection will spin the motor for 1 microsecond and stop instantly, such that it makes a blip then spins off whatever speed it had. This is on a testbench with no belts on the motor at all. the vesc does this with both motors i have tested.

I think there is a chance that the phase wires may have touched during an earlier test. Could this fry the VESC? Is there anything I can do to have this repaired?

VESC Error: The following faults were registered since start:

Fault : FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT Current : 34.7 Current filtered : 154.9 Voltage : 47.00 Duty : 0.011 RPM : 184.3 Tacho : 16 Cycles running : 6598 TIM duty : 554 TIM val samp : 277 TIM current samp : 24859 TIM top : 49165 Comm step : 1 Temperature : 28.40

Is produced by running a motor detection or pushing the trigger in any way on the testbench.

Yes, this can kill an esc. @Martinsp may be able to help

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Or @ThermalM16

He is USA Iā€™m EU

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run it with no motor plugged in, if it faults then its definitely fried.

No faults when pushing the trigger and running BDLC tests with no motors plugged in.

What was the outcome of this? I have exact same thing on one of my 4.12 maytech

Under one of my bullet connectors shrinkwraps, the connection had come off. Nearly completely so effectively it wasnt connected