Is repair worth the money?

I recently bought some Maytech VESCs from @psychotiller and immediately threw one on my single drive 6374 build (my first build ever) and rode it for a day, about 15 miles, before the board just quit on me out of nowhere. Went back to the apartment to find that it was the dreaded DRV error code. I was running 40 battery amps on the 50 amp VESC, and not giving it hell, so I have no idea why it died. I contacted Maytech’s customer service and it took them days to respond, started talking about the issue and haven’t heard anything back. That leads to the title: Everyone loves @JohnnyMeduse. However, I don’t see the point of dropping 50+ moneys into a VESC that is probable to fail again. So, advice. Fix, or do not fix?

I would sell it for 20 and get an escape or b-box.


They aren’t for shipping now tho, unless ur a beta tester

Yes, takes time. Group buys are being organized AFAIK.

Focbox third if you are in a hurry.

Hahaha you are a man after my own heart. I’ve been strongly thinking about this

maytech use b grade drv i think. i found drv on meytech is much hotter than one on focbox.I had one before same thing happened to me as u did. just die out drv. Try hobbyking vesc. I heard good things about them. but ultimately if u have extra bit focbox

What voltage and motor KV are you running? FOC or BLDC ? Motor max and min settings? Batt min setting?

10s 190kv TB 6374 Sensored BLDC 60/50 on motor 10 battery min

Your settings don’t seem to be out of bounds.

Did it blow while accelerating or braking or cruising or just when you turned the board on?

As far as it being worth fixing your Vesc, I think it would if you can have the burnt DRV replaced with an upgraded DRV. And maybe upgrade any other components that would help it’s dependability. @JohnnyMeduse would be more able to advise on that.

Cruising up a really small hill. Just holding 15 mph

Alright, thank you for the help! @johnnymeduse what ya think?

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You might get a faster response on his website.

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I would also recommend that you inspect your motor phase wires very carefully and especially where they come out of the motor and just inside the exit hole. It is possible for the wires to short out when there insulation is worn through by rubbing against the motor case. Shorted phase wires will blow the DRV chip.

I did. I already had that discussion with @GreasyGearsWRX

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What is your motor KV? What is your current ramp up value? What battery array were you runing?

OK… If you wonder, yes I think it is worth repairing. To be honest I don’t have repair a lot of Maytech Vesc, which mean that they are not as bad as people think they are. I’m pretty sure if we just change you DRV and check to see if other components are defective it might work for a long time.


190 kv Left it alone 2 5s $200 lipos in a 10s setup

Aka they are not garbage batteries lol

Maybe the People just dont repair Maytech VESCs for a reason?