Is repair worth the money?

There’s a guy in my area that charges 20 bucks for a drv repair(labor only, excluding materials). Not bad don’t you guys think?

pretty good


Does he have an account here? I’d like to talk with him for sure

He doesn’t, but I can arrange something for you if you need a repair if you’d like.

Wait where are you located?



Like what country :grin:

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Netherlands :laughing:

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You should create your own thread, document your experience with the repair guy

Then see if the repair guy can take on more work and see what happens from there


Ooooh that’s a very good idea. Kudos to you sir. If it kicks off and starts rolling I’m willing to give ya dibs on it (is that even grammatically correct? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

I’m not sure what I have dibs on… But I’ll take it :grin::grin:

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Don’t forget the dipsauce! : p

@RedEagle Don’t forget to add your location to your profile so people know where you are when you say “around here” :wink:

^ hashtag ^ laziness

Haha shipping to EU would probably be a deal breaker… I’m in Alabama