Is slow charging better for balencing?

So the question is does the balencing of the cells work better if it takes longer to charge (charging with 2amps insted of 5amps) ? I have a cheap BMS from china that I will use only for charging.

I was curious about this too I have charging plate for my imax chargers I can do two or more of the same count cell Lipo batteries at once. The instructions say use max settings which would be 6.0A. This seems wrong so I’ve been charging at 2.1A. Can any one give info about balance charging?

Normally the balance current is only 50ma or 100ma. Which is very small. So most BMS start balancing at a specific voltage (4.10V for example). Below they don’t balance. And with that small bleed current they need a long time to balance. So if they are heavily unbalanced they need to be connected to the charger for a long time. The charge current itself doesn’t matter in this case. The BMS also should balance while the the rest of the cells are full. That means the charger should stay connected even if it tells you that the charge process is finished. If you have a status led on the BMS then you are lucky, if not you don’t what the BMS does. And every BMS works a little different.

Expect nothing and hope for the best. And check your cells manually with a multimeter.


Thank you @Ackmaniac that helps alot! :slight_smile: Then i wont disconecct the charger as soon it says its done and let it balance over night.

And slow charging is always better for the cells health. So if you have the time and a adjustable charger use low current.


I have a 2a charger but the 18650 pack im building is a 7p so its gonna take years :smiley:

Also good to know. thanks!


Very clever

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Luna cycle has an adjustable Amp and adjustable % charger

I have a 8P. Simply charge it over night.