Is the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 213kv any good?

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to know if this was a decent motor to use with my upcoming longboard project.

I can get it for the $68 sale thing, and it is one of the only motors in stock for Hobby King East. Is there something else I should get instead.

I was planning on using 12s a123 3.2v batteries. (38.4v 2.5Ah)


As long as it’s below 280kv / 260kv, should be fine. Some uses 190kv or lower, but I think 213 is not much different than 190kv. Abit less torque but abit more speed. If you use belt drive config it should be very fine.

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That’s a fine motor. You can use any kv motor if u adjust the voltage or gear ratio. But if you use lower voltage it’s harder to push the amps and get to a high power.

Thanks. I plan on using a 9mm belt setup with 9mm wide pulley and wheel gear.

Thanks for the answer. Any idea about how much range I will get and max speed with this motor and a 36t wheel gear and 14t motor pulley? Also I am using 75mm wheels.

If u say the voltage, gear ratio of motor and wheel pulley, and wheel size then u could get a definite answer

Range youd need to know voltage and amp hours.

My guess is you’ll hit about 18mph max with 22 volts.

38.4v and 2500 mAh is my battery pack’s specs.

Maybe 3 or 4 miles. Maybe. Depends how u ride

According to this calculator, you should hit about 20mph @ 38.5 volts. If you jump up to a 16 tooth pulley with 83mm wheels, or just jump up to 97mm wheels alone, you should be able to hit 25mph.

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I use it on a board i have and it was one of my favorite motors! i ran it on 6s and it hit about 20mph and was very efficient.

5 star motor

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Can you explain how you mounted the drive pulley? Did you flatten the shaft with a dremel so the set screw works?

I didnt flatten the shaft because i never feel like doing it. what i do to ensure it doesnt slip is to swap out the small grub screw with a bolt of the same thread cut. Usually M3. and i use thread lock and it doesnt dare move!

Mhmm ok. As long as it works :stuck_out_tongue:

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Definitely flatten the shaft with a dremel or hand file where the set screw will go. It only takes 5 minutes and you’ll really regret not doing it if the motor pulley breaks free. And still use locktite.

Dang ok. I guess it would be dangerous. Thanks for clearing that up. If I don’t but this Turnigy, I guess I might aswell get a DIY motor that actually has a key and matching motor pulleys with key shafts.

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I made a video on notching your motor shaft for a drive pulley. If you’re good with a Dremel it takes literally 2 minutes.

just make a little flat spot notch for the set/grub screw and you’ll be golden.

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Hello, I’m new here and have a question. I bought the turnigy 6364 190kv and the hk 150a esc

I tried it with a 3s 5000mah battery but the motor don’t move. Once there was a little spin but that’s all. Can somebody help me? Why don’t the motor work? What’s the problem? Thank you

3S is too low of a voltage.

Oh okey. But the components match together? The esc works with max 6s but the motor with 10s. Can i use 9s or is it too much for the esc? Thank you