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Is the xt60 on this VESC the wrong way around?

Can someone please confirm this for me but I’m fairly sure the XT60 on my VESC is the wrong way around?

I bought this VESC and I’ve been having trouble getting it to power my motor, when connected to the BLDC tool I don’t get any LED’s lighting up and attempting to connect to the BLDC tool would just tell me that there was a “firmware read response error”. Initially I thought it was an issue with the firmware so bought an st-link programmer and reuploaded the firmware following Vedder’s instructions which seemed to all go as planned, LED’s lit up etc. But afterwards, I plugged it back into my motor/battery/usb cable and tried to connect it to the bldc tool again and I got the same result. No lights, nothing.

Could this be why?..

Yep, it’s backwards. Where did you get this from?

Not sure if I should say at this stage? The guy has been very helpful with everything so far so I don’t want to give him bad rep for what was likely a silly mistake.

Last time I plugged it into my space cell it also made a decent sized spark very briefly, what’re the chances of the VESc being ruined? I haven’t tested the VESC since but the battery seems to be ok, the fuse didn’t blow and it still reads the same voltage as before.

If the vesc doesn’t have reverse polarity protection, then it’s possible that it may have been damaged. The seller definitely should fix or replace it.

Is it worth plugging it back in once I’ve swapped the polarity to test it?

I don’t see why not. If it’s already damaged, then I don’t see you making things worse, but I’m no expert.

Anyone need a job? It pays $10 an hour and I have a position opening today!

Really sorry for the inconvenience Let me know the prognosis on that VESC and I can send a replacement if needed.

What’s the job @chaka ? :slight_smile:

soldering connectors on the right way apparently.

I was only joking a little, I try to run a tight ship but I would never send someone walking over a little mistake.

I do have plans on expanding and possibly moving into a larger building. I’m not sure how many people would want to move to a little town in the middle of the desert but I will be looking for people who just want to ride and build sweet decks.

Lol, you got me… Why do some people perfer XT60 connectors over HXT?


yeah totally just take an xacto and an iron to that and flip it around.

I have a drawer full of XT60s that i’ve taken off of things because i don’t use them. I’m starting to see that i’m pretty much the only person alive not using them. I just got another set of 6S Favs from DIY and even they have them now, but thank god they upped the phase leads to 5.5mm bullets from 4mm bullets.

Did the spell checker change ESCs to Favs? Or is that some part I’ve never heard of yet

Favourite is a company that makes ESCs. I have been using their 6S 120amp models from DIY for over a year now and i like them for the most part when i’m not frying them. They have a catchy beep code and they perform really well.

I have some sweet 6s BMS modules stashed away somewhere :wink:

That would make a lovely addition to my rat board. I’d have to refactor the box but that’s how i stay in practice! PM me what you want for it and the specs.

I’m about to order a couple of 12S BMSs as well. Got any of those laying around?

The only trouble is you might trigger the over-current protection unless you used a 44 tooth wheel pulley on the 6s module. It would work well on something geared to go 20-25mph. If you paired it with a vesc you could gear it to go faster.

All my 12s modules are spoken for but I plan on stocking them in my shop very soon.

I’ll check my inventory on the 6s BMS, I need to make sure I leave one for myself, have a little pocket cruiser in the works for my 3 year old.


You’re not the only one @longhairedboy! I don’t use xt60s. I use Dean’s connectors! I’m so retro!

Someone who uses deans for once! I thougfht I was the only one.