Is there a cheaper alternative to spot welding battery packs than this $150 spot welder on amazon?

[Sunkko Pulse Spot Welder 788H 18650 battery Welding Machine with LED Battery Testing and Charging Function]

Just want to get some input before I drop $150 just to weld my pack together

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Go arduino and lipo, using my sunnko and wall power was not sufficient for multiple nickle layers. I gave it away to my local hobby shop today cuz it’s bulky and very slow :expressionless:

To be clear the Arduino spot welder + lipo is not necessarily cheaper than the sunkko but it does produce much better welds.

If you’re only making a single pack, might be better to have someone build it for you. But if you plan on making packs in the future investing in the Arduino spot welder now may be a good idea.


If you add your location to your profile, you can be given better advice also. I don’t know if you’re in Antarctica or Japan.

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I’m getting rid of my Spotwelder as I transition away from esk8 let me know if ur interested

You can sell it after youre done. So its only really going to cost you a few $ overall. Or get one off ebay and youre break even.

How big pack are u planning to make? I know this will be unpopular and I will get hated… but if u also need higher current and know what u are doing u might as well try your hand at soldering… it does increase total volume, as the wires are thicker than nickel strips but connection is really sturdy and high amp one…

There’s also option to solder smaller fuse wire to each cell, then connect it to higher current ‘bus bar’ or rail…

Many diy powerwall builders use soldering this way, I think.

Suit yourself, there’s also sleds / trays for batteries and also some ready made kits like Vruzend and there was this one other made by a guy who is also a user on this forum.

Dont want to talk you out of spotwelding… it can go well, if the setup is right… I assume I hated cutting each strip and laying several layers of them to get the needed current and also I chose wrong lipo, so my welder didnt work as nicely as expected…

Just a food for thought, so to speak.

I am going to build a car battery spot welder. Here are the parts i have ordered:

TOTAL: $63

I got the idea from @darkkevind


Interesting stuff. I never really watched his videos, so I didnt know he doesnt use any sort of time controlled pulse to make the welds…

Everyone usually times their welds with arduino.

@legend27 what car battery are u planning to use?

I think its a 12v 220A 10AH :slight_smile:

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