Is there a limit to how long I have edit access to a topic tittle?

I am gathering parts to build a new board, but are still are un-decided on a couple of components. I would like to start a build thread and use the accepted nomenclature, but as I do not have all my parts yet it will be incomplete.

Can I update the tittle during the build? or do I wait…

You can click on the pencil beside the title and edit it. You have this opportunity for quite a while.

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Thanks @flywithgriff, do you know how long a while is?

Not off hand, I have edited a title several weeks out.

Quick check thru my post history says about 2 months. I can edit a post that I made on May 30 and seemingly anything later, but not the one I made May 23.

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Thanks @rpn314!

Cheers bro, 2 months will be plenty :sunglasses:

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Also I’m pretty sure the mods are more than willing to change it for you if you ask them.

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Thanks @NickTheDude dude, i’ll keep that in mind.