Is there a list of VESC options? - Looking for alternatives

I am currently using two Flipsky 4.12 50A single channel VESCs to build a small power wheelchair. I am planning to build additional prototypes and would like to evaluate other VESC products. Googling for VESC I do not find many options. I am curious what single or dual channel VESC products that you would recommend.

Thank you


not sure about your power requirements but Flipsky has some solid dual VESC options, they have their own website but also retail through AliExpress where you can find a lot of VESC options from other retailers too. you won’t find FOCbox or Stormcore options there but there are VESCs for everything from drones to cars on there.

I’d like to share the new TENKA dual motor controller, This is one of the most affordable dual channel VESC based motor controllers also includes built in power on/off switch.

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Any pics of the tanks outside of the potting? What components are changed from the unity?

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