Is there a log of Firmware versions somewhere?

Working on the VESC Status iphone app again, and I’m trying to support as many firmwares as possible.

Does anyone know of a list of firmwares somewheres? Didn’t see anything on vedders new site, or on here. I don’t even know what version is in the github right now… lol.

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Vedder BLDC tool 2.18(past two years) Ackmaniac BLDC tool 2.54

VESC tool 3.xx (3.19-3.37 currently I think) Ackmaniac VESC tool 3.100

Thank you so much. Weird thing is when I go through the the github, I see a lot of FW: 3.7 and FW: 3.9 even as comments to commits ( Maybe he hasn’t released it ye, idk…

Do you know if @Ackmaniac released the firmware source code for 3.10? I see the package installer for mac and windows, but not the source code (like for 2.54). Trying to combine all of the data types first so the datatypes.h file is what I’m after.

I’m not sure if he did or not.

Idk if this is helpful or not but I just setup a FOCBOX on my second board with FOC, and when I updated the firmware in the latest VESCTool it gave me FW 3.34.

The tool itself says it supports 3.32, 3.33, 3.34. If your firmware is older than that it just tells you to upgrade and installs the latest, 3.34