Is there a right or wrong way of attaching a capacitor to the capacitor board of the vesc?

So Idk what happened, but a capacitor broke off at the legs on the vescs capacitor pcb. Theirs no legs on the cap left to put solder is back on. So I’m going to use another cap I have. So 2 questions…

Can I put the cap on backwards (thees no marking on the cap or the pcb for direction) or will it work either way?

Is using different sized caps in the same circuit going to be an issue?

The replacement is also a 63v 680uf but is 5mm shorter, so 35mm long in stead of 40mm. Is this going to cause any odd behavior?

Thanks in advanced!

@JTAG @Blasto @chaka

Electrolitic caps are always polarized, should have a gnd marking on them.

As for the size difference, should be fine


Fixed it and all is good again :slight_smile:

When it initially broke did it just kill one side of the dual vesc?

There were no dual VESCs in October 2017.