Is there a thread already on diy battery building with step by step instructions/schematics?

I’ve been able to find bits and pieces on here but not the full deal and it would be really helpful as I’m about to order 60-100 Samsung 30Q’s in order to make somewhere between a 10s6p and a 10s10p to go with my 6374 190kv motors.

I have no idea how to connect the batteries for that configuration or what material to use for the connections and where to get it. And then how to wrap them in fish paper. I know there are people on here with the knowledge of anyone wants to put out an article I would even throw a small amount of cash your way.

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Well let’s start off with your deck…and enclosure plans…

I can help, but I have no idea what your starting with…


I’m using the trampa hs11 deck with the same enclosure @eboosted used for his Phoenix build as can be seen here.

It looks like he was able to fit 48 batteries with the dual ESCapes which will also be installing. I want more range though so I’m willing to have another small pack of batteries on top of the board if I can’t fit them underneath for a minimum of a 10s6p or more if possible.

Lots of reading.

This guy’s battery video helped me understand batteries a bit more… I’ve never built one myself though.

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If you ask me, I’d try to use the board with 12s4p beforehand and then go from there, I’ve seen a lot of people jumping into 12S7Ps and running the battery down to only 95% on each commute, they also run 60A only on 12S10P setups, so I’d say that’s a wrong specced battery.

On the other hand a lighter board makes it up for good speeced battery

That makes sense. Thanks for the info guys.

That video was awesome. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much.