Is there a way to program this esc to have gradual braking?

I am using this esc [Brushless motor version] and it seems to be a decent esc, but the braking is on or off no gradual braking. I was wondering if there is a way to program it or make the braking gradual. Thx for the help in advance!

The same esc that @dickyho sells and same type as @diyeboard

I believe there is a way to program it, as I have seen pictures of them doing it at the factory from what I could tell. I’m not sure if its doable once the esc has been assembled, or if it’s even possible to alter the software once it’s been initially set by the manufacturer. You’d have to ask them specifically about that

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is there a way to reasonably mechanically make the braking gradual or would it have to be on the esc? Thx for the reply

Theres no way to program it after the fact since the esc has the firmware installed on the motherboard, the only way your able to customize is by bulk ordering from @diyeboard

K. Thats too bad. Thx for the reply anyway

@dickyho might answer this question

yes it can ,but the factory wouldn’t do that programing for small orders.

They should upgrade the firmware for new models, just like meepo board did, i think

mechanically, if you could extend the range of motion of the remote control “button/stick”, you could have more control

Do u think it would work? Certain escs just apply rough brakes once certain signal level has been reached.

My fvt has something like 3 modes of brake strenght hard brake

i have this esc but didn’t try it yet. but in theory, more leverage=more control. i just remembered that this remote has 3 speed modes. And the brakes gradually progress on each mode. This means that if you use the fastest mode and want to brake smooth, before braking change to slowest mode and apply the brakes.


Yeh then it shoud work, good that theres more levels

I also have seen a small signal smoother like board that someone on the forum made. It somehow took the signal from the receiver and made it more gradual before feeding it to the esc

Sounds good, mind to share more details?

As far as i understand everything can be done with resistors or potentiometers, as that is what is coming from remote anyways before it gets converted to signal

That’s all I know sorry. It was a thread about a mountain board although that doesn’t really help. I’ll have a go at trying to find it

Seems like only the factory would be able to change the programming. Thx anyway guys!

I think the best idea is what @Grozniy. Are the brakes even usable on these escs, i have one I’m about to put on my board in the next few weeks

I have the remote with only 2 levels. The start up acceleration on the slow mode is somewhat gradual. On the Fast mode it is a bit more jerky start, but overall the acceleration follows the thumb control well. The brakes on my remote/esc has about 1-2mm of gradual braking, the rest is all on brakes. Anyway, you can get used to the brakes and the esc is great for the price

Yeah, can’t beat it price wise. Even has an on/off switch

Yup. 60 dollars for an esc and antispark. 260 for vescs and an antispark

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