Is there an easy way to remove old griptape glue from the deck?

Hi there!

I am trying to get rid of the glue from a removed grip tape! I tried it with a grinding machine but that did not work at all. Is there a quick and easy way?

Any alcohol based cleaner I.e hand sanitiser or white spirit leve it on for a while will just scrape off or use a cloth iv used them both numerous times

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Use duct tape to remove sticky residue, or the sticky side of removed grip tape

Also good .

thanks guys I will try that and do a report!

It helps to heat up the griptape with a heat gun or hairdryer before removal

Then use GooGone to remove the sticky residue if needed


I made it last time with grinding paper, just don’t make it with a machine, too much heat, and it will stick to everything. I would recommend hand grinding, it worked very well for me.

I also prefer hairdryer

Sorry English isn’t my first language, I ment sanding paper. And the best with that is, on the end you have a nice and smooth surface.


Ok after two hours of hard work it is done. Result is fine.

I tried everything and nothing really helped. Only this combo did it.

please don’t do this again. 2 working hours would be more expensive than just buy a new deck from me.

GooGone is the shit! Used to use it to remove stickers from laptops after I refurbished them at one of my past jobs, haha.

For residue you could try wd40? Otherwise petroleum spirit if you can get your hands on it.

Nitro should do it or that blue stone hand washer idk whats called in english

MEK may work

Mek will clean anything! Careful with plastics though. It’s pretty hardcore.

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A little late, but if you heat the grip with a heat gun the glue will release and you don’t have to use chems or sand paper.