Is there any ESC/VESC worth buying (2020) Please help a noob! :D

I have a single (planning on getting another) 6354 190kv motor 36/20, Want to buy Dual FocBox but that’s most likely not possible, also looking at flipsky’s vescs’. wondering if there are any good options, or witch option would suit me best.

I plan on getting a 10s5p battery from along with probabily some kind of anti-spark switch.


especially don’t

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Better options?

  • used focboxes

  • soon released torqueboards v6.4

  • trampa vesc 6

  • focbox unity

  • soon to be released Stormcore

  • Focer

the folk over at probably have some other ideas if no one here will respond.

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Thanks so much! as for a battery i’d like to try and buy the cells and have someone put it together, as i’m not sure of a decent site to buy one, from what i’ve heard.

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Where are you from? We have a dozen very competent battery builders on the other side. (i keep mentioning the other side because 98% of the main user from here abandoned this place and went abroad, almost no one from there is active here anymore)

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I’m in the us, Texas, thanks for the heads up ill start posting / reading there. i’m definitely interested in something like that.

Last question for you, i just want to take advantage of your knowledge and response time lmao, is the revel kit a bad deal? or a good option if my budget is higher?

I can’t really tell you if its good or bad because i have no experience with it. Depending on your plans this kit can limit what you can do in the DIY scene, on the other side it might be perfect. But we can find that out.

I bet we have some dudes with more infos about revel kit.

If you join us you can start going to the Noob questions thread and ask on, write as many infos about your plans so we can get the best result. If needed ping one of our mods (mmaner, wandagonery billgordon) etc to bump your account so you can post freely.

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I’m headed there now, thanks again!