Is there any Focbox Tenka Review

So I’ve been looking for a VESC and I stumbled on the Focbox Tenka. To me it seems like just a cheaper version of the Unity+. My question is why is no one talking about it and why are there no reviews for it? When I go on the website, it allows me to buy the vesc… but when I search up Focbox, everyones just talking about the Unity+.

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Correct, thats exactly what it is. Just with some of the expensive “bells and whistles” subtracted. For example no bluetooth, and a case design that is more simple to assemble/ manufacture.

Its actually pretty new, people have only just started to get their orders from the first batch etc. So more reviews will come.


I been using tenka for a bit, does ok for the price can’t complain. Runs my setup fine, 90kv dd, 12s, 40a, 107s. Basically unity without rubber cover and less specs. Bought one after saw youtube video guy running 120a thru it and it survived. Hopefully this will last longer then the 2 dead focboxes it replaced. For $200, it gets the job done.


I just ordered one, couldn’t find any reviews so I hope it handles my 4kW/190kv motors and 12s/100A battery

No complaints so far, about to order another one and run a 4wd build. Shipment was pretty fast too. Came from China in like a week.

I recently built my first board, and switched over from my original design using 2 EZRUN MAX6 ESC, to a Tenka, don’t know if I received a bad one, because that casing makes it impossible to test for continuity with a multimeter. They have shit customer service so now after 1 use I’m having to troubleshoot by replacing the Anti-Spark switch to see if it’s the problem, or if I’m going to have to replace the Tenka. Thinking I’ll go with a Flipsky next time.

What are you trying to test with a multimeter? What thing specifically?

Essentially everything I can. My Tenka has been a serious frustration from the moment I opened the box. First time it was plugged into a power source, it wouldn’t start up, after adjusting the connection to the Anti-Spark switch, it finally turned on, got about 3 hours of use, then stopped turning on again, and hasn’t worked since. MassiveStator just gives you a run around, so no help there. So basically I don’t know if it’s just the switch or the ESC itself, but as it stands, it appears it was defective out the gate, but with how little information MassiveStator provides on it, and the whole thing being cased in rubber, you can’t test it either.

Post a photo of how it’s connected.

What is your tech support ticket number?

Yeah, I don’t use anti spark with mine. Tried 2 different anti spark, the unit wouldn’t power on with them connected for some odd reason. I’m not running bypass either.

All my connections are pretty standard, used the xt60 connections for the motor that were provided with the Tenka, xt90 connection to the battery, 10s battery, and the Anti-Spark is the one it came with. Pretty much a plug and go set up…if it actually turned on…

Are you using two lipos or a loopkey?

If it’s two lipos, the bottom left XT90 connector in this photo appears to be wired backwards.

If that’s a loopkey then it’s okay.

That’s a premanufactured series connector with xt90 connections, how is that wired backwards? Even with a loop key it would still be connecting the negative lead.

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Yes it’s for 2 Lipos connected in series



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