Is there any information on these hubs?

I’m in the market for dual hubs and this one caught my attention

Is there any information, even better, review about these hubs?

My bet- genuine chinesium

Sorry to spoil your fun

Same model you find on Alibaba for less. Didn’t see any review on the forum so far. So can be worth it for science :grin: my concern is the thin PU and probably no different internal core will result in deformed PU under heat and load. I think they are the same @Martin is using in his build. Although he has the 83mm version Based on what I read he seems happy with them

They look remarkably similar to jacob hubs actually when you look on the website. Copycats the chinese. Unfortunately everything hub is chinese (which is not necessarily a bad thing) apart from @Hummie hubs and jacobs if you can find a set.

It does look like jacob hubs. And at first I also thought they were like Exways but maybe it’s just the color. Speaking of, maybe I’ll just go the Exway route for hubs or… wait for hummies kickstarter campaign.

not because I am the GB organizer but so far those are the most powerfull hub motors I have tried. You can read my review They are the TB hubs, just at half of the price. Plus nice surprise from the factory we are getting the new PU lock system.

Could you find the exway hub alone? or do you mean buy an Exway?

Buy an Exway. The ESC + Remote is also worth a look at.

Ah ok, I indeed like the remote, the hubs doesn’t look more powerfull than koowheel or meepo. ESC adn remote nice match for a travel build.

What’s the shortest length truck can accommodate the hubs that you use? I want to use them for a short board ~30in deck, but I don’t want it to look ridiculous with big trucks.

I used them with jet spud. rear 150mm adn front 195mm gives you the same width. Otherwise you have to modify the 150mm truck and reduce the hanger width to pair them with a front 180mm.