Is there any other source besides Enertion for Rear Outwheels that will fit Enertion's Raptor 2.1 Hub Motors?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if there exists a second source for new Rubber Outwheels that fit the Rear Raptor 2.1 Hub Motor without modification??

Perhaps another major ESK8 Company or Skateboard Wheel supply company that has identical Dimension Hub Motors???

I’m wondering how other people are maintaining their Raptor’s with regard to the Tires or “Outwheels”?

Probably not.

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I replace my outwheels about every 200 miles. That is when the chunking starts getting bad.

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Really - only 200 miles?! You must be ripping around on that thing

Nope. The outwheels just flat out suck. I would only get about 100 miles before I couldn’t use them anymore. Some even less.

Yikes, hopefully that gets improved eventually because even the chinese brands manage to make sleeves last longer, even though they’re less powerful so its not apples to apples.

For my money, i’d have Hummies instead

Haha. I highly doubt it. They’ve been trying to “improve” things for years.

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don’t do it! join me!

these tires last forever and are the best pu you can get


I’m gently gonna put this link down here for desperate scavengers lurking in the shadows and bail out.


But seriously y’all better just go to @Hummie and let the past behind lol :wink:

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I talked with a 3D printing company about thé high speed and he told me to visite them with a sleeve. Must be no problem(so he told me…Up to you what you prefer…Used and ready to break Enertion Sleeves…Of 3 D peintre replacement Sleeves…" comfort zone" for me is the 3D option

assuming that means this: