Is there any reason why this powerbank wouldn't be able to charge up an electric skateboard?

That would work, right? Just thinking it’d be nice for long cruises away from power outlets.

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20400 mah for the pro and 13600 mah for the standard. Retail is like 300 bux… why not just make a 2nd battery?

Is it possible to ride and charge at the same time? If not, there is really no point to this, as you could just stop for coffee and charge in the same amount of time, except instead of paying 300 bucks for a charge, you pay a couple bucks and get coffee!

That’s is super compact for that amount of mah is that even possible as if it was then could you just transfer that technology to esk8 instead.

Get 4 18650 cells for 20 dollar and buy a step up to 36v for or 5 dollar and you have the same if you want to charge your board with it. But it doesn’t make sense because this battery is way too small. It’s always funny that they advertise the mAh but not the Wh. Because this system has with 4 or 8 batterys only 40 to 80 wh. A 10S4P battery has 360 Wh with 25R Samsung cells.

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Nothing special in the battery technology. It uses cells similar to these.

Well the standard is $129 and the pro is $199 (shipped) right now, so wouldn’t be $300… and I live in a city with tons (the most?) of parks/lakes/etc so sometimes a coffee shop isn’t right around the corner. Was also thinking it’d be nice to have for long road trips in my conversion van, to power fans and such.

Interesting. $20 each or $20 per? This forum is a wealth of info, much appreciated!

To add onto this… Amp-hours only tell half the story. That big 20,400 mAh spec is only at 3.6 V, which is just 73 Wh on the pro (or 49 Wh for the standard). Is an extra 4 miles really worth $200-300 and 1.5 pounds in your backpack?

I’d just make a 2nd battery

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Ah. So I’m clearly uneducated on these topics, is there a concise wiki on this site or elsewhere? #n00b

Just to go back on it, sorry, now that I asked I have to have an answer :slight_smile:, can you charge while riding?

Idk, but my plan was to charge the bank with a solar panel affixed to my backpack whilst riding…

Haha that’s actually a really cool idea! I wonder how fast it would take to charge? The power bank looks pretty slick

take some calculations… found a guy on facebook or somewhere who had a ‘‘solar trailer’’ behind his e-bicycle… I think he was able to go for quite a long time as his ‘‘solar array’’ were producing quite some wattage…

With a backpack you would probably have the chance to recharge the batteries… though I think you would still need quite a big panel to reach 25-50w of power…

You can look up ‘‘cheap chargers with … end of charge voltage’’ thread… and there was also another one… there were a few hints about voltage step-up converters… though, some learning will be required to understand all of the things on how to charge batteries this way…