Is there any reliable VESCs on the market?


I mean he bought their motors.

And he is changing all original bearings Changed original shaft Changed Sensor


He also mentioned he doesn’t believe they covered the motor when cutting the shafts. Which is just kind of asking for trouble cutting metal next to a bunch of magnets…


@moderators Split topic:

Is there any reliable motors on the market? :rofl::rofl:


A much-needed thread! How about for sealed motors, you reckon the Maytech ones are good? And for non sealed, how are tourque boards? (or any reccomendations?)

@Badgermilk sorry for jacking your tread (nice username lol)

I don’t know about maytech or TB. I think they are good from reading but I cant say! - Thats why we need a topic

Although I have seen issues with the closed can Maytech

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A new topic on Motors would be great. The above topic is on electronic speed controllers. I started this thread to get advice on speed would be nice to know what speed controllers you all are using. What speed controllers have you used without any problems over an extended period of time? Any tips on how to increase the longevity of a speed controller would also be greatly appreciated. I have a dual 6374 motor setup with a 10s battery, anti spark switch, and chain drive. Everything works properly except the speed controllers. Without price being a concern, I need a reliable proven speed controller or 2 for my setup. Thanks

Well lets say the ESC advertises FOC and 12s

Just do BLDC and 10s and your already off to a good start.

FOCBOX Flipsky 6.6 ESCape VESC 6 Ollin board ESC

Theres plenty of good:

ESCS Decks Trucks Wheels BMS

All made by the community

Focbox This thread is unneeded. This info could have been found in seconds if you searched.

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Yeah, Ive read the Focbox is the easiest, and safest route to go.

Understand that all my advice in general is not of my own but of all the collective information I’ve read on this forum. But from what I can see

  1. operating the speed controller within its advertised limits not at

  2. Heat sink the fucker , the cooler it runs the longer in should last in general lifetime wise

  3. Ensuring that all the solder points are solid and nothing , like the capicitors, are Susceptible yo vibrations

  4. ensuring your connectors are secure so there’s no possibility of anything being shorted god knows how

  5. heat sink the fucker


Wait, so should we Heatsink the fucker?

Instructions not clear enough, dick caught in motor


The search function is your friend. Buy from esk8 sellers Stay off Ebay/Amazon This info has been covered more then a few times. And this is coming from a esk8 noob. I haven’t even finished my first build. There’s TONS of info on here about just about every esc/vesc option available.

true but these threads are good once in a while. Like a “state of the community” type of thread with the subjects being Esc’s. Now if someone searches for a similar thread without the next 2-6 months , they’ll either find this thread or can be directed here.

So it looks like focbox is the way to go. Should I run in BLDC mode to add to reliability and longevity? Increase in sound doesn’t bother me at all, since I run chains.

which factory makes em?

The chains?

nope, i was asking Moon about a motor supplier

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You get what you pay for.


Focbox in bldc, 10s, 40a bat max, 60a Motor max and as long as you don’t disconnect the CAN while switched on or piss on them you shouldn’t get any issues :ok_hand:

Just out of curiosity, which vesc settings and voltage you was running on the both which broke after just some days?

Thumb rule here really is; stop cheaping out on components and you wont get shit ones…