Is there any reliable VESCs on the market?

Purchased a dual motor fvt esc. Programming options with fvt software was total garbage, so I returned it to China. Had to open a case with PayPal to get my $189 back. Shady Chinese seller! Purchased trivent on AmazonScreenshot_20181014-101210
Burned out after 2 weeks. IMG_20180928_120628748_HDR
Purchased two flipsky 4.12 on Amazon, and one lasted a week, and the other lasted one ride. I’m getting really tired of dealing with shady sellers and crappy speed controllers. I’ve been building ebikes for years with great luck on controllers. You buy a good ebike controller, it works without issues. Any advice? I’m about ready to go for one of these cheap eBay controllers found in all the Chinese skateboards. They must work better for them to use them in all the clone boards right?

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Same for esk8 for the most part. But you’re buying the cheap ones. The ebay ones are plug and play but not really programmable.


Focbox VESC 6 Arguably Escape


Stop buying on Amazon and ebay and buy from a reputable esk8 parts seller


Hobbywing EZRUN Max6maxresdefault


There’s plenty of reliable escs. My question is there any reliable motors


Max 6 says it works up to 8s. I’m running 10s with dual motors


I hear the maytech motors are the tits atm


I’ve never had a problem with a brushless motor. Hall sensors can burn out pretty easily, so I tend to go sensorless when possible. Hub motors for skateboards seem to burn out quickly from what I’ve heard, but like I said, I’ve never had a problem with a brushless dc motor. What ESC do you use?

that doesn’t look like a flipsky vesc.

Been running one of the turnigy 6374 for a few years… the bearings are probably at their end of life but what motors have been so bad to you?

To OP as others said you need to buy from reputable esk8 sellers, has the older ones is a bit hit or miss but better than amazon ones (I’ve had a few from diy but only failed from my own errors). Otherwise can go to or get one from @longhairedboy or @psychotiller or think @scepterr all stock them I’m pretty sure.

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Olin is back and was known as the most reliable. The flipsky 6.6 shows good on the forum.


You can also buy from @JLabs @Scoo_B_SK8 @hyperIon1

Yep I know what motors are out there but.

SK3 is like 84mm long, no sensor or keyshaft @scepterr have shaft problems And the rest are maytech TB - USA only really - add 20% for tax on their motors and like $50 to ship… APS - Just bad


mm gotcha I didn’t see grinding down the shaft with a dremel as a big negative really and haven’t had any pulley slipping issues so I guess I don’t see the big advantage with the key, regarding length I never really checked but only doing single drive so not been an issue for me, but I understand that’s not great.

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I’m not one to toot my own horn much, but I havnt had a single issue with my 6374’s and over 100 sold. I upgraded some key aspects of the motor and added a a shaft with flat spot and a keyway. They are also sensored.


Yeah I know about your motors and the factory that makes them…

But still its very long and I am pretty sure the screws that hold the can are not great. (not really an issue)

But yeah out of all the motors SK3 based motors or Maytech are great.

Anyway a bit off topic now

@Kug3lis i like to see your complaints

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The picture was of the trivent. The flipsky looks a lot better, as far as soldering and components, but lights stopped turning on and no current output. No visible burnt out parts on the flipskys. They just won’t turn on

A few people have reported receiving ones that never worked out of the box. I believe they got them exchanged for working ones.

Are APS really that Bad? I thought i had read about them being good, even goe as far as seeing them in experienced builds such as the one @Kug3lis is doing right now