Is there any way to make a 12s battery with 30 cells?

I’m trying to make the best battery (12s) with 30 cells, but instead of a 12s2p(24 cells) is there any way I can add 6 cells?

Just buy 6 more cells to make a 12S3P pack. If you add anymore cells in parallel the pack would not be even in terms of capacity. Your pack as a whole would be bottle necked by your lower capacity parallel sets.

In short, just buy more cells.


I can’t, they won’t fit in my enclosure.

So go for a 10s3p, easy

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or a 6s 5p

I believe 10S3P is probably the best solution as you will use all your cells, have a good compromise range/power and finally probably realize that you did not really need 12S

Why not???

10S is already plenty and the sweet spot for the VESC. 12S is pushing it and if you are not really going for ultimate top speed it is not necessary.

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30/12 = 2.5 so no

Ok I understand

Im curious to know if you could run 10s3p and then run a boost converter up to 44.4vs (12S) thatd be neat.

Yeah that would! I’ll probably contact you soon for a battery

Okay sounds cool. Let me know ahead of time so i can order parts and reduce your wait time.

I don’t think any boost converter ICs can handle boosting voltage and supplying large amounts of current like 10A +. The complexity of the electronics would outweigh simply adding more cells.

Cut 6 of the cells in half. Then you’d have 12S/2.5P

Problem solved. :wink:

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im sure something exists out there that can solve this problem. And if so it would be sick