Is there lower than lowest acceleration?

Ok, so I have an 8S setup, with SK3 6374 190 KV, and the esc is an FVT “sleeping lion” 12s esc.

My problem is, that since I am on a penny style board, the torque is way to much. Even on the lowest setting, that is availabe on the programming card.

I guess this is kind of a weird case… People usually have less torque than they need, not more.

Anyway, I hope there is a solution.

What’s your top speed because you could change your gearing or get bigger wheels and it would go faster with less tork but at a point it’s to weak to make it up his

Well, I am running 97mm wheels, so I don’t want to go higher, also, my speed is 36 km/h, which is scary on a small board like this. (So thanks, but no more speed for me… :slight_smile:)

I am looking for an option with no money spent. Is there a way to access the settings directly, and instead of selecting “slow”, you write in a number?

You could probably add something to regulate the exseloration or if it came down to it change escs If you did deside to change your gearing you don’t have to use all the speed my setup I went 38mph witch is about 61kph but it didn’t have enuff tork for hills so I had to down size wheels

Thanks. But I would really like to solve this without spending any money.

The problem is the esc your using. If you where using a vesc, you could fine tune the output.

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Yea, drop your voltage . So 33v @60a=1980w.=2.6hp. 6s [email protected]=1500w=2hp. A 24% reduction in hp. You can expect a near same reduction In torque.

You can try trimming 2s off the voltage but I’m guessing that your running a couple 4s lipos so going to 6s would mean new batteries and may still not give the results your wanting. I believe upgrading to a vesc would be the easiest way to achieve smooth controllable power along with smooth controllable and predictable brakes. Either way your probably not gonna solve this without spending money.

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@Namasaki I would re solder my lipos, now that’s a cheap bastard.

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Yeah, thanks for the reply, but I can’t afford anything at the moment.

If you’re using a controller with adjustable limits on the triggers you could use that to limit the maximum throttle output that way.

Under resoldering, do you mean that maybe I have bad connections? Or do you mean that I should make a 6s pack? @Namasaki is right. I have 2 4s packs in series.

That is the option I thought about. The only problem being that I don’t want to give up that much speed. Though this might be my only chance.

Make a parallel 4s and see how it goes. 1/2 speed and torque. Keep the range. Sounds like you need a control compromise between gear and amp. I ride a car ESC board making 5600watt, (7.5hp), it has enough torque to rip off a 300lb gorilla. It took some time to get used to the torque. Maby just exercise some throttle control! Good luck with your build

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Thanks! That seems possibe. I will try it asap, and inform you when possible. :slight_smile:

I would go to 83mm wheels in a penny, and use a 40 tooth wheel pulley. There are numerous places you can download wheel pulley models and 3d print them.

Thanks, but going down in wheel size is not an option for me. (Terrible roads, and I don’t have the money)

I’m interested in seeing how the 4s2p idea works out.

Me too, I will have a bit of time today, I hope to try that.

Please come back and fill us in on the results.