Is this 15mm pulley the same as DIYs?

So I ordered a 15mm wide 14T pulley a long time ago from a site that’s based in my country, but haven’t been able to use it since I need to drill my own hole and don’t have access to a drill press, or drill bits yet. Anyways, to the point, is this pulley basically the same one as DIYs? My build is going to use Otang In Heats, and gonna use some gates 15mm belts along with it. One I bought

diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/14t-htd5-motor-pulley/ DIYs pulley.

Plan on using Enertions mounts and motor too, should fit yes? Looking at the commonly used parts, just gonna assume it should all work together.

Oh yeah another question is what are those small holes in DIYs?

They are similar but not the same cause diy comes with a hole for a grub screw and even a key way making it easy to mount. A pulley without a grub screw is difficult to mount. Also imo it’s not worth the effort to drill steel cause you need good drill bits. I know this from experience cause I had to drill hardened steel sprocket with cheap drill bits without a drill press… Its something I never what to so again :cry: For a small hole like that use like a jewelry dremel should work fine.

I see. So would it just be more worth it and easier to just get it from DIY than to do it myself?

In my opinion, yes cause in the end it will be worth the few extra bux unless you have some specific reason for using the pulley. For example, in my case I wanted to use chain for my pulley but no one currently sells chain pulleys made to mounted on wheels so I had to drill my own.

Ah I just bought it because it was in my country and cheap, didn’t know about DIY. Cheers for the help.

Happy to help man

Oh, damn they don’t have a 15mm option. Just 9 when I select it.

Open up the live chat and ask if diy has the 15mm option. Enertion has 12mm pulleys tho

I need 15, already have the belts and stuff. I did pm @torqueboards though.

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Looks like I have no choice but to drill the holes myself. No 15mm stock for 14T :frowning:

I have a friend who has a drill press so should be all good.

Hope it goes well!

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I’ve used Rs pulleys before all you need to do is drill out the centre to what ever dimensions your more shaft is and then drill holes in the side for two grub screws them just use a tap set to thread it.

Does it matter where you drill the grub holes? Mind sending me a picture of your RS pulley?