Is this a correct and good wiring diagram?

If you are planning to run it with a 6s 10Ah battery then it seems good.

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Planning on 10s 10Ah, what do i need to change?

The batteries. From a couple of 6s 5ah batteries you can make 12s 5ah(series) or 6s 10ah(parallel). To build 10s 10ah you need four 5s 5ah batteries or a couple of 5s 10ah.

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You can’t make a 10s pack from 6s

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Oh yeah I know, im using two 5s batteries to make 10s, but as far as the rest,of the wiring goes would,it work well?

is there something im missing here??? This is a ridiculous deal!



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Yup, seems fine. And yea, there is no stock so they can give it for free for all they care.