Is this a decent battery for my build?

Is this a decent battery ? Is the BMS too low ? I’m building will all torque boards parts ( 6374 with their esc) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The battery is the last thing I need for a build!

@StriateZebra you don’t give any other details about your build (1 motor? wheel size? what kind of riding? Is it hilly?)

But can tell you my build is a 10S3P 36V (with two motors. My thanes are 85mm caguamas). Plenty of power and a good amount of ride time.

I can’t speak to the quality of the aliexpress battery but the capacity of a 10S3P with a 36V load is decent.

So, here are my caveats:

  • During the work day, I ride everyday during my lunch hour - one hour of riding.
  • I leave near the east coast where the towns and streets are completely flat. No hills of any kind.
  • I am street riding, no off-road activity.
  • I have no interest in high-speed riding, maybe 15-20 mph usually.
  • In theory, 324 WattHours of capacity (36V * 9000mAh = 324).
  • I actually don’t know what my total ride time is, but can probably get a few lunchtime rides in before recharging.

Maybe this helps.

20A seems pretty low, especially if you have multiple motors or if you ever have to go up hills. The fact that the price is so low also makes me think that they might be inflating some numbers a little or are using low quality parts or have low quality control. A battery isn’t exactly what you want breaking on you as it can literally catch fire.

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I’ve migrated over to the new forums and @Skyart15 hooked me up. He’s building me a 10s5p with 30Qs :ok_hand: I’m in the vape world so I understand the very real risks of misuse of cells or using low quality cells for more than they are capable. I appreciate your response!

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