Is this a good motor?

A friend said he would sell me this motor for 35$. Has not been used at all.

best place i could find a picture

320kv is too much.

Eh, for $35 i would say its worth a shot, just use 5 or 6s.

and maybe do a bigger gear/pulley ratio

Might work at 6s but no torque. You might just burn up the motor. Worth a try if your willing to donate $35 for science. or maybe i’m wrong, maybe it will have enough torque on flat ground.

Nice hair btw

Me? Thanks :blush:

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Yeah kv is a little high

I would say 270kv is the limit

Higher kv and lower torque is bad combo for regular eboarding … Now if you had an open road and really don’t ride at lower speeds then I guess it would be ok … But not ideal … In my opinion

Thanks everyone :relaxed:

Just gonna stick with a 270

The motor kv is fine u just have to adjust the voltage or gearing to match. You can do a 2000kv motor with the same performance and torque as anything else its size if u do this. Kv doesn’t determine torque just determines what voltage and gearing you’d need

Kv decides torque per amp, so ull need a bit more amps in the mix with that motor instead of volts. 5s simply. The only real obstacle is can ur batteries put out the amps and can the controller take them

Should work fine at 6s but you will need to make sure your ESC can handle the current that motor will pull.