Is this a good replacement bms for my chinese clone?

Hey guys, so i have decided to replace the BMS in my broken down chinese clone along with installing a VESC so i can make sure this doesnt happen again haha.

I found this one online, but i dont want to buy something useless that will brake again or not be compatible and waste more valueable time

Been trying to do my homework on what works and this one seems compatible with the charger specs and is for 6s li ion which is in my board.

Thanks in advance. Cant wait to get my hands dirty and keep on riding

the type is correct and the quality of those is good. Maybe i’ll check the discharge rate (60A seems high for some chinese clones )

Is it bad to go higher than it puts out? I figured it may be but wouldnt it give it space so it wouldnt blow? Im very new to all of this li ion, bmc, chargers etc…

it’s ok to overbuild but you have to know what your batteries can handle. Then use an inline fuse and set amp limits on Vesc. Post the make of your board and someone on here might know what batteries it has.

Hi. I bought the same part. Did you manage to replace the original BMS? Do I have to change something in the connectors from the battery? I don’t know the exact parameters of the battery and i am not sure if this will work without modifications…