Is this a horrible idea?

Hi, i’m currently assembling my board but my enclosure wont fit both my battery and vesc… so i am thinking of mounting my vesc under my truck almos, is this a horrible idea?

Yes, do it for science :grinning:. Honestly it’ll prolly be ok assuming the enclosure is Ridgid enough. @oriol360 from MEB does it.

You need to enclose the vesc so road grime doesn’t get into it and short it out, let alone water. Where you put the vesc doesn’t matter but you need it enclosed.

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Well, it will be 3d printed, I guess i can make a mold for a glassfiber enclosure for it… it has 218mm trucks on it so it gives me a bit more room so the wheels wont bite it… I need to think this through :smiley:

Yes, i agree!