Is this a legit deck company

I am leaning towards this deck however i have never heard of this company called moose.

Hopefully someone can tell me if this is legit or not.

!edit NVM different Jet

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huh?? 10 charc

Thought it was

no the company is and the brand is called moose

alrighty then.

At 1st I was like jet? Yeah, that chris…owner of abec11 owns jet skateboards…then I saw moose…yes moose is a legit blank company. They make good quality Canadian maple blanks I have some…

oh ok 2 conflicting source @b264 and @squishy654. Should i buy it?

A company that makes blank decks is subjective…while moose is not a skate company with graphics and riders, their decks are above average quality…

ok thanks for that info :slight_smile: is not a legit skate company because they sell snacks, cleaning supplies, luggage, and vacuums. Moose is.


Is skateshred a legit company? The last deck I got from them was warped to hell and back…

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as long as the brand is moose does it really matter?

Lol your original answer was not helpful you and you know it

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