Is this a safe homemade motor mount?

Here is pictures of it:

Not what I would use for my expensive motors personally, but creative!


What material is it?

Only one way to find out… Jk it actually looks really solid. How’d you make it? What material?

And where did you find those sweet r-spec motors?

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My uncle made it for me. I have not had a chance to talk with him as I just got it tonight and was working all today. I’ll update you with the material.

I got the motors and trucks from someone on here early last year though.

I’ll ask my uncle he made it for me and I have not had the chance to talk with him yet.

Is that only one weld per side? if so is almost certain that it may bend or shear, but if in a future version you extend the motor mount and also do a top weld with the “L” profile the chances of working increase significantly due to reduced leverage

How thick are each part and what alloy did you used?

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The metal pieces are 5 mm thick and Im not sure on the material. I will ask my uncle. What do you mean by extend the mount?

He also put a weld here:

It seems like a ton of work for a such an inexpensive part widely available, but the important thing here is you did it yourself so props to you for being creative!

I think it looks seriously well built and sturdy…looks great for shit roads

Oh sorry, you already did what I suggested but on the other side, didn’t see it before

Are the pieces considerably heavy? by the look of the weld and surface finish I’m almost certain that its all steel, if that’s the case you are good

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yea its pretty heavy, around 9 pounds on my scale.

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thanks man

Lock nuts and thread lock. Those nuts will rattle right off. That’s what she said


Your Uncle is Cool. Even if you go with a different solution, he put some time into that for you. Mad props.


that’s a serious mount. I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything quite like that before.

you may be able to find some original Enertion mounts on ebay as well if you ever decide to try them out.

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Are there any interference problems at full lean?

Do you mean while riding? I have yet to try them out. Still have to order some more parts.

That’s pretty creative. I like the one solid piece.

You can do it on your carpet. Just stand on the board with loose trucks and lean back and forth. Check to make sure you don’t have hard contact