Is this a scam?

So I have been in search of cheap Li-Po Cells for my parts list that I will use for my E-Board. I came across these.

Scams? Garbage?

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I’d bet my left nut their a scam.


The prices, I mean shittttt, thats nothing. But it;s so little, maybe I should try it?

Lol I wouldn’t considering they can’t even math. 22.2v x 24ah does not equal 178wh lolololololol



Yeah, its more like ~530Wh’s?

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Yep, ooohhhh they accept PayPal, do it do it do it do it … for science


I know right, its only like a few cents, but idk shipping and shipping time, but I think I will, fot the “sceince”.

If your only ordering a few they will probs charge a lot more than $1. And shipping will probs be crazy

Yeah, I was thinking the same. I’ll see.

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bruv buying cheap shit will cost you more. buy lipos from either tattu or HobbyKing. they’re the most reputable in the forum


Yeah but $1 why not, I wouldn’t put it in my board but for other random shit might be good. Like an on the go charger

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people never learn


I really don’t see what’s so bad about looking into them. Most likely once contacting the supplier the price will be $100 or more. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were reasonable batteries you just never know.

Like I said above I wouldn’t put it into my board but for some fun and mucking around or testing shit I’m sure it would be fine, we’ll thats if it’s a legit battery

like matt said, buying cheap costs you more. I agree this

But not always

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I mean it just a dollar lol, do it for science

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But its not though

Exactly like why the heck not. If they work or if you even get them well you’ve got a nice portable 24v power supply

image Im just going to say this is a scam lol, but if its really just a dollar then why not, Id pay a dollar just to see this thing blow up in person

Im not saying its a scam but its not going to be 1 dollar and its not going to be those specs

Lol I think they missed a few letters image