Is this a suitable ESC?

Hi I currently own a Hobbywing skywalker esc but the brake function was either on/off with no gradual option. So I’ve started looking for other cheap alternatives and I came across this one.

80A is suitable for my board and I use a 270kv motor with 6s batteries. Has anyone got experience with this ESC or know if it is any good? Thanks

Sorry, don’t know about that esc but are you aware of the “ESC substitute” on ebay from @dickyho

Before buying check the forum for what ppl say. It’s not for everyone but seems like it might suit your project.

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If I was on a super tight budget I’d be more inclined to give something like this a go.


This has 50A Continous and I use 2 series 3s 3500mAh batteries with a 30C rating. Will this work in conjunction with it? Thanks again

Like @MonkeyM said, I’ve had that esc on 10S belt motors and it worked fine. Easy to use and don’t need to adjust settings, it will work fine with you 270Kv motor.