Is this battery worthy of putting into a skateboard?

Its old scooter battery, i was thinking of maybe buying some cheap hubs and esc and make a cheap mf, maybe waterproof it a lil aswell and we got something going

edit: it looks pretty long but its not THAT big it can fit on my shortboard and i think that deck is only like 30-32 inches

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Do it. Put it sideways if you have to.

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You could put it in a board but it’s important that you don’t draw more amps than the pack can handle. From the label there is no telling what its rated amps are. If you can firgure it out it’s absolutely safe to put in a board!

i plan on using a pretty small esc and motors so its probably not gonna draw much power

btw does it look like it has a bms ?

Bms is overrated

i ordered some mf parts, ill post a board update in a few weeks if it doesnt blow up

it really isn’t

While everyone is fucking with bms I’ve already rode 20 miles.

lol, plug n play, this is about lifetime of your battery.

I have had worse luck with them than without. But I’m perfect too so whatever. Hahah

don’t use them for discharge and you will be able to make friends. Necessity, no, good battery maintenance, yes

Explain this please.