Is this BMS wiring correct?

Hey guys,

I’m getting really close to finishing my 10s5p battery pack with a BMS this BMS HCX-D223V1 (

I have just about everything setup, but whenever I am trying to draw load from the battery pack I am only getting 3.0 volts. When my pack end to end simply reads 40 volts.

I think the problem is the wiring of my BMS could an experienced battery builder verify my wiring? Thank you! 39%20PM

do you have the E-SWITCH connected?

Where are de balance wires?

@hyperIon1 I do not. Right now its just got electrical tape wrapped around it. How should I connect it?

@Namasaki I will find an image that shows how I wired the balance wires, but would that have an effect on the voltage being drawn from the pack?

If you don’t get the balance wires and main wires correct, you will fry the bms.

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if its just two bare unstriped wires the bms should function without the switch. only if a switch is connected does the function work. once you have it wired as you showed above and your balance leads connected, the bms should function. and if so you should get a 40v reading at your t90

yes, disconnect the B- and connect your balance wires in order from 1-10 then reconnect B-

That bms will not turn on unless the wires are connected to activate the built in E-switch. The E-switch also doubles as a reset switch if the bms shuts down in protection mode so connecting a switch to the wires is necessary. Also, per Bestech, the bms has to be turned on for charging as well as discharging.

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sorry, I didn’t finish what I was getting to on not needing a switch, @Namasaki is correct that the two wires need to be connected, if you are not using a switch at the bms, and you are using a vedder or luna type switch

From what I have seen and experienced, the Bestech E-switch is much more reliable that most external E=switches. Unless there is some new super E-switch out that I don’t know about. I’ve been using my Bestech’s for over 2 years without a failure.

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Sorry guys I prematurely posted without having a diagram of the balance wires.


interesting, the issue I have had lately with the e-switch is when powering up a duel esc. even on the simple rocker switch

have you seen the push to start mostfet switch?

Would this BMS have a push to start mosfet switch?


I am getting a 40 volt reading at my T-90, however when I plug in ESC’s i get no power, and only have a 3v reading.

sorry, no it wouldnt… thats a new external switch on the market

After the T-90 I put an anti spark switch in

And after load runs through it, the voltmeter says 3. Why do you think that might be?

if everything is wired correctly on the bms and you’re getting 40v at t90 it should work unless your switch is bad. or pluged in backwards.


the BMS Built in E-switch has to be on for it to work in discharge and charge