Is this build a dream or is it possible?

First, a little background about me and what I have. I have an Evolve Carbon GT 2 in 1. I also have the BB V2 with their so called extended range battery on preorder. I have been on this forum for quite a bit now and I am constantly on.

Okay, here it goes…I want to build a dual 6374 running 15mm belts each (not in a diagonal set up) and run 18650 12s8p battery. My budget is around $3,000. Is this even possible? I realllllly want those big motors with nothing smaller than 15mm belts. I was thinking of a Trampa build but I have nowhere to really use it. My biggest concern is VESC reliability. I keep seeing all these VESC issue threads popping up non-stop.

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Yeah it’s possible. You will need extra long trucks though for a non diagonal setup.

@psychotiller might have some long trucks if I’m not mistaken.

get high-output VESCs from Ollin board company

With a serious budget like that it’s only limited by your imagination and access/skill to tools to fabricate.

I would start with a wider truck, or look at the trucks extension option. Spacing dual 74mm motors is going to be the challenge - not likely the dual 15mm. I was planning on squeezing dual 12mm on my next dual rear - with 6355’s not too hard.

8p huh? you and chaka can have an iron legs competition to see who can ride for 50+ miles! *(assuming 2500mAh * 8 * 44.4v = 888Wh/10=88km/54mi).

96 cells @ 43.5g = 4.1kg / 9lbs of batteries! Yikes!!

Sounds epic, heavy, and very cool. Can’t wait to see what you build.

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Anything’s possible if you throw enough money at it. Any reason you’re adamant about 15mm belts? Even my dual 9mms are fine. You also get the benefit of less and drag and less rocks getting stuck in the drive train. I’m using 12mm for my dual rear board.

Personally 6374 is a bit overkill for me, but if you’re a heftier rider going up lots of hills, I can see how it’d be desirable. @korryh has some truck couplers will fit (i think) dual 6374’s on calibers.

Well, I have no access to any machine shops lol. I just search here a lot, really wide trucks are hard to find. There was one but the shape of it looks like its impossible to fit mounts on. I think they were called S10’s.

I originally thought of 12s4p but after some searching, someone from this forum was running 12s8p

Yes I have a 12s8p. If you spot well them then the size shouldn’t be too big. Great thing about it is that each cell will have a longer life and you don’t need to worry about range anymore. And you should try 6355 enertion motors. In a dual setup they are really powerful. And if you go for 6374 then think about vesc’s with heatsinks. Otherwise when you really push them to the limit they can heat up the vesc. But I have that issue on my other single board. I guess in dual you don’t get heat issues.

I am using Ollin 50mm motors with 7/8 couplers, I threaded and cut down my caliber axels to fit the motors. I have only used them a hand full of times but I weigh 160 and had my 60 lb kid on with me up a hill and those motors didn’t slow down.

I have been researching this build for about a month now and finally thought that I should ask if its even possible. The hardest part is finding trucks wide enough to fit dual 15mm belts. 15mm seems to be perfect, very very durable and they are way easier to find than 12mm.

Yeah, I saw the stacked 12s8p, it doesn’t look too thick.

Are you planning to use urethane wheels like abec flywheels. If so it seems like dual 6355 would be plenty. Vesc 4.12 can’t even deliver their full potential imo. Also if you don’t mind waiting vesc v6 should be up to the job. I run dual 15mm and it’s good having braking power. Also 12sp8 will weigh a lot just keep that in mind.

The Trampa mountain board trucks would be wide enough and both Trampa and e-toxx have mounts that would work with dual 6374s and 15mm belts. You could use those trucks with Tampa’s street wheels and have a Street Carver with extra wide trucks

I recently switched from a conventional long board to a Trampa Street Carver with single 6374 and I love it!

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Sounds awesome! I think fitting a 12s8p pack (96 cells!) will be a challenge on its own. I look forward to seeing it in action!

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You can use a TRAMPA anywhere you want! Also those batteries will fit better on a Trampa board. They make a great product with a lot of what you are looking for. Are you making your batteries? @barajabali made my 10s8p for my Trampa.

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If you opt for chain drive, I reckon you could horizontally ‘stagger’ the motor mounts so that they fit. I was considering that 'till I opted to go the mountain board route.

@Rob.Endless first of all the VESC can not provide the type of power you are seeking for if paired with the sk3 motors, the VESC simply can not provide the amp necessary for the motors to perform st their best.

I used the VESC with the sk3 on this board

The board handles good but not with the ferocity that the sk3 6374 can deliver.

You will need to use TB12S esc or the maytech esc. Good luck

Edit You may want to consider a trampa street carve and pair it with sk3 6364


I can build you any trampa board you want for 2400 more or less with dual belt drive, 12s7p battery, the whole nine yards. I can supply you the parts and you can put it together, ill make your battery (obviously), ill give you the ESC’s, trampa driveline, and even magura hydraulic brakes. all included.

if you want more details hit me up!

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Ok guys, I decided to ditch this build and just go for a Trampa eMTB build.

First I want to apologize to @Kaly I am not sure if you remember but you once posted about your Trampa build on the Evolve GT thread and long story short, I told you that you were a dick and that you should just leave haha. Well…I was one of the first ones to have the GT in the US and you were %100 right, I want more power haha.

I am working with Barajabali on this Trampa build


It’s all good here :slight_smile: , we are all passionate people here. good to know you are in good hands with @barajabali

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Appreciate that brotha!

This board is gonna weigh like 50 pounds.