Is this burnt VESC my fault?

So Monday morning I took my mountain board for a very quick spin.( not extensive, very quick) I brought it into the shop, hooked it up to the laptop and switched everything into FOC because it works very well on my single motor longboard (Sk3 149kv-9s). When I was done I shut the board off turned it back on, turned on the remote and one wheels spun and the other VESC started to smoke. I just want to know if it’s my phone but I don’t care either way I just need to know. I can handle it . If so what did I do? Thanks guys, hope I did this right if not just kick me off and i’m going to try to download some pictures 2-Tb VESC & 2-Tb 6374 230kv sensored but running on sensorless .12 lipo

@Cjnutts It looks like the positive power lead is not soldered to the cap board. It may have disconnected and shorted; frying your DRV chip. You’ll need to replace the chip.

Is it your fault? Hard for us to say I think. In general, when you switch from BLDC mode to FOC mode I’d suggest doing a firmware update/reset to make sure there are no lingering settings that impact the new config. That’s what I’ve done and it seems to work.

From what i’ve heard, TB has been using the 4.10 HW, which means that C26 is missing. This might have been the cause for this. I’d replace the DRV and at the missing caps.

The capacitor board seems to have cold solders, even on the wires still connected.

Well, It won’t burn the drv like that !

What would? A short?

Yeah, that capacitor was added for FOC stability.

It seems that everyone with a TB vesc running FOC has an issue.

These kind of damage require a massive amount of energy, so yeah probably a short over the motor lead or on the power (witch look like the case in this situation)

It’s kind of what I was thinking, I think. I suppose I’ll just order two new Ollin VESC this time around. Seems to be what everybody’s talking about. _ thanks you guys rock

VESC + Mountain Boards isn’t a good mix anyway. Ask @barajabali

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For real? Why is this the first time I’m hearing this? Do others concur ?

They tend to break a lot more due to higher amps I believe.

I would reccomend the TB esc. I have 2 spare used ones if you want.

Maybe 150 miles on them running strong

Emtb and vesc not a good match. @kaly just opined a sec ago on separate thread coincidentally lol

VESCX should resolve these concerns. Improved thermal dynamics and upgraded components to handle the voltage spikes.

Of course an efficient drive train is always important. Plenty of reduction and geared for a top speed that won’t be impacted heavily by wind resistance.

because noone mentioned it before: 12s plus 230kv on a vesc is much to high!

also like others said - go for a 12s esc.

Hello there! We have the same problem. We’re testing 2 VESC’s. Our prototype was powered by two sets 6S (LiPO 22.2 V 5200 mAh 35c 6S) each. But on an experimental basis without BMS. Only the batteries connected directly at VESCS.

We use too two motors with the following specifications:

KV: 170 Idle Current: 0.8A Max. Current: 65A Input Volt.: 2-12s Lipo Max. Output Watt: 2000W Max. Pull: 9700g Rated Current: 60A Motor Weight: 765g Shaft: 8mm Internal Resistance: 0.0402 With black closed cover

Everything was going very well and in three weeks of tests we obtained excellent results, but in the fourth week this happened with the VESC’s:

wow that’s a huge hole. I’m guessing Maytech VESC? Were you using BLDC or FOC?

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BLDC @Jinra

that´s another dead maytech there, you can see that on the internal certification sticker they use. What are you doing with all 4 Canbus cables connected?