Is this diagram correct?

Hi, I’ve bulid a simple 6s board a year ago just by reading this forum. Now i feel like it’s time to step up my game a bit so im building another one. The plan is to use 10s battery and torque boards motor with VESC. I don’t want to mess with 18650 yet becouse no one within 100km of me has a spotwelder to lend and i don’t feel like buying one. I’ve come up with using Lipo’s with BMS for charging only. I have the mboards bms it has 10 balance wires going from B1 to B10. So the question: is this diagram correct? I’ll be very thankful for somebody that’s more experienced to look at this.

Looks good, I’ve used the same BMS. The only thing you don’t need a thick cable between battery and B- (it’s for charging only), put it between battery and ESC. But maybe this is just the look in your diagram :laughing:

I know im mostly asking about the balance cables. My MS paint skills suck lol. Thanks for the feedback :grin:

Balance wiring is correct :smile: I’d suggest using 5S balance wire extensions just in case you think about cutting them. This way is much safer IMO and in case of a broken BMS you could charge the lipos with a balance charger or monitor cell voltages.

This is my 10S BMS, was used for 6s and 4s lipos in series

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I’ve orderd extensions with bateries in case i would **** it up :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks modular nice work!

Thanks, man :blush:! I like the modular style, actually working on a 12s lipo “brick” for MTB with BMS for charge/discharge. Due to 5.5mm bullets I could bypass the BMS in case of failure during riding by swapping the negative wire in the field :laughing: The BMS has clear heatshrink and is fixed with velcro