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Is this esc ok for an eboard?

Hi all,

Just found this esc on hobbyking that’s in stock for UK would this be OK for my build if I stuck to 6s?

Please review this thread

I’m in the uk and got the fvt 120 from bangood for under 40 quid. It works and has brakes. I am feeling that perhaps I should have got a programming card at the same time though to tone down the start up pulse of power. I’ll most probably go for the vesc shortly though.
The one you have shown won’t have braking as far as I can see.

If it’s not on the list already you are venturing into unknown territory. Or it’s not on the list because it sucks and it doesn’t work

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It looks like it would work to me. Don’t quote me though. If I’m correct it does have braking, with 5 settings of ‘strength’. I’d say try it for science.

I just don’t see any point in anything other than a VESC these days. Except cost of course.

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Maybe there should be a list of ESCs not to use lol


Also, that list has just started, so I wouldn’t start quoting it just yet. There is loads of stuff missing there still, although it is getting there. It will be such a boon to have that all in one place. Tried and tested known to work stuff created by builders themselves.


The ESC section is pretty good. The forums are littered with failures of boat, helicopter and random cheap car esc’s. If you go with something off the list you’ll more than likely be happy.

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Yeah … But it’s a huge head start man…that’s friggin days and weeks of searching on the Internet for that crap…they can narrow down thier search from the list provided …and seems the thread needs to be managed some how (by more than one person)…do you know if there is like a Wikipedia like thing on this fourm?

When in doubt check the thread as far as the new members go … They have a 99% chance they will get it right using the lists and links we have provided the past few weeks

Agreed, as a starting point. When I did my first build I was trying to find the best most suitable within my budget, and an APS dual came along on sale, that I hadn’t ever seen used before.

If someone asks a relevant question as to whether not something will work, which they have obviously looked long and hard to find (most people doing this thing aren’t into just getting/asking about the first thing they find), you could do probably do a little better than just point them to a list that started a week ago when what they are really asking is whether people think if something they are suggesting will work.