Is this gonna make my LiPo blow up?

So I devided to split some 6s packs to make them flat and I realized that the tabs the balance wires connect to don’t actually take my solder. So, I punched out a hole in the center and wrapped the end of a cable around and soldered it to itself. Will this be good enough or should I find some aluminum solder paste?

Not ideal, but as long as the charge/discharge wires are adequately soldered and everything is insulated correctly, it will probably be okay. However, if it were my packs I wouldn’t trust them until all connections are soldered. I just don’t want to take risks with lipo’s.

Solder paste should do it. Here’s how I do mine

I wouldn’t say it’s mandatory but maybe think about getting larger gauge wire.

Based on my measurements, I used the same gauge wire as the other balance connections. Should I go with a higher gauge to be safer? All I have on hand right now is 8 and 12 AWG which would be absurdly large.

Is it stranded or solid? And yea it looks like the gauge is about the same as the other balance leads but you want it to be as thick as the main output leads. That’s just me though

Its stranded. Should I just use some 10 or 8 gague instead?

Yea that should do it fine. Thicker is better than thinner