Is this lipo config good

There is a 2x 3s 11.1v 50c 3000mah deal on amazon. I was thinking of buying 2 and doing a 6s2p this is right, right? is this good power and what esc

While your math on the battery setup is correct, that’s a pretty small battery pack. Most of our packs are somewhere in the 7500-12000mah 10s or 12s mark, so 6000mah 6s is somewhere between half and one quarter the size of the average DIY pack. You’d probably only get about 8 miles out of that setup.

As for an ESC, based on your posts you probably want the cheapest one possible, so I’d recommend a flipsky 4.12. Be aware though, that you get what you pay for.

thanks you so much

do you know what way to connect the lipos like specific wiring

Yes. You should spend some time reading through the info sections of the forum, most of this information is already covered.