Is this motor ok?

I’m putting together a build finally, and i found this motor from (!/eSk8-de-Motor-esk8-6374-200kV-3-3KW-mit-Sensoren/p/66640988/category=15255001) very interessino, seems really durable. Going for a single drive obviously and probably going to buy the vesc from them too. Anothet thing is that it has a 10mm axle. I know where ti find motore pulleys made out of steel but the diameter of the hole only is 8mm. Do you think buying that and drilling It with a 10mm point would bè a good idea? (I probably am gonna use One of those vertical drills for a perfectly aligned hole.)

You could mill it or I think Alien Power System do a pulley with a 10mm shaft.

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hay dude nice motor, some people avoid motors that have screw holes like that in the top because it can be a weakness, however that’s a good manufacturer and one I haven’t tried, so see what other say before you buy… KV? depends on your pack size TBH what S are you planning on using 8s or 10s ?? I’ve tried drilling 8mm to 10mm as you described for a pulley, nope didn’t work… if you can wait, find someone on ali who’ll do a couple, I waited only a week, GLHF

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Probably going for 10s with 2 lipo packs Just to start… Thanks both, i’m going to search for them then!

Edit. I found in their site, 15t pulleys for 10mm shafts. Now the only thing is that the motor shafts doesn’t look Like It already has a keyway…

Bag up the motor and poke the shaft through a hole in the plastic - then take a file and file down a flat spot. Loctite on the set screw and you are golden.


Look at this motor

The only thing is that it isn’t sensored… But sweet anyway. I’m putting this in the list, thanks

With a vesc the difference is less noticable Ive run a sensored motor without sensors plugged in and no problem.

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Ok good, shifting main motor choice to this One then… I might as well buy the entire drivetrain and Trucks from them while i’m at It.

Pulleys I get here btw Look at this on eBay

You could also just buy a 10mm pulley from too :slight_smile:

They only have up to 9mm pulleys

They have 15mm aswell for Singledrive systems :wink:

And if you can´t find something on their website, just write a pm to @esk8. Attila will help you out for sure :slight_smile:

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Bruh the problem is the shaft of the motor which is 10mm Wide, not the width of the pulley :joy:

I know and like i said they have 15mm pulley for 10mm shaft :wink: